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How do you set up a CMS?

For WordPress and Joomla you will need to have a webhosting account with PHP and MySQL capability. You then need to download the CMS software from the internet, unzip it on your hard drive, and FTP it to the public folder on your webhost (this is the folder you need to put files in so people on the internet can see them). Both WordPress and Joomla have installation instructions you will need to follow – for each one you will need to create a MySQL database on your own before installing the software, and know the database name, username, and password for accessing that database. The installation instructions for each CMS will show you how to enter the database information – for WordPress you need to do it before the install, while in Joomla you need to do it during the install. Once you have run through the installation instructions, you can then customize the setup of the CMS to your liking.