Beginner's Guide to Programming -

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Get Started!

C++ is a very common programming language, and a good language to start learning basic concepts with. I'm not going to say that it is the best language for a new programmer to try to master. If you asked 10 different programmers that question, you'd likely get 5 different answers. Usually, people reccomend whatever they find most useful. That's what I want you to do - figure out what you find most useful. To do that, you will have to try different programming languages over time and see which ones fit best for you - which language structure makes sense, which one seems to be able to accomplish the goals you want, etc.

We are going to start demonstrating programming concepts using C++ because it is easy to install, easy to write some basic programs in, has an easy to use Borland compiler, and the output will make sense to Windows users (you get an .exe file) and Linux users (an executable file will be created). 

Ok, now that that is out of the way, let's start by installing the C++ compiler!  Once you have the compiler working, we will go ahead and walk through some test programs to work on concepts!

For Windows users:
Go to and download the free C++ compiler. Install the .exe and let it install to the default directory (C:\Borland\CPP55\). The article found at will help you set up your system properly - you will need to make the path changes and the add the .cfg files.

You can use their instructions to test the compiler as well.

For Linux users:
Many distributions come with the G++ (yes, it is called G++ and not C++) compiler installed.  If not, use your package manager to install it.